A bit about me - Lauren Bavin

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I am self taught in Photoshop and have been using it since V7. I have had a love for computer graphics since buying a computer for my children in 1996, and started with other cheaper applications, but after getting a part time job in which I had access to, and began to learn Photoshop I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since.

Since 2004 I have been working as head designer for Digital Scrapbook Place.
Digital Scrapbook Place, Inc. offers high quality digital scrapbooking products, community, support, and education at the largest digital scrapbooking site on the Internet: www.digitalscrapbookplace.com. Digital Scrapbook Place also offers over 70 digital scrapbooking CDs and other products through craft and photo retailers as well as free target marketing to help retailers promote digital scrapbooking events

I head a team of 14 designers from 4 different countries who create graphics for the 150,000+ Digital Scrapbookers who are members of the site, most of whom are as passionate about Photoshop as I am!!

I also teach aspects of Photoshop to them both online via classes and tutorials, and also live at the get togethers we regularly hold for our members. ( 2 of these have been hosted at Adobe HQ in San Jose ) . I have discovered that I love teaching and sharing my passion for Photoshop just about as much as I do creating the artwork and this is the area of my career that I would like to develop further.

I use Photoshop every day to create graphics including backgrounds and page embellishments for digital scrapbooking layout kits which I take pride in creating from scratch by combining many of the tools Photoshop has to offer, and endevour to end up with a result that is as photo realistic as possible where that style is called for, and then also often create fantasy type digital environments for the customer who prefers that style for their photographs.

Such is my love for my job that it really never feels like work and I feel honoured to be able to make a living creating graphics that my customers use to showcase their precious photos and memories . 

Outside of work, I am a wife, and mother of 3 . 
My other loves are entertaining, travel, reading and I've had a life long love of craft of all kinds. 
I live in Auckland New Zealand.