Sketches by Lauren

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I am now offering a service for turning your photo into a high quality sketch.
These are so realistic that people cant believe they arent hand sketched.
The cost is $US 30 or $NZ50 per sketch.
Sketches are returned as high quality jpg files ready for framing or gallery wrap.
When printed as a gallery wrap they are even more exceptionally realistc.

The image above shows sketches I had gallery wrapped hanging on my wall.
This result can not be achieved by use of a plug in or a filter. I hand sketch in detail to ensure you a superb and unique sketch every time. 

In order to create a sketch I need a relatively high quality photograph. It can be colour or black and white.
You email me the photo and I will email back a finished jpg. You can choose 8x10in, 12x12 in or 12 x12 inch gallery wrap (these images have an extra 2 inches of background on each side of the image. )
Please specify which finished format you require. I can provide more than one version for an additional $3.

Currently for international ( outside of NZ) customers I am only offering a file delivery rather than a finished product delivery as it is far more cost effective to make your own choices on print options.

However for New Zealand customers I am offering a option of  complete service with a high quality 12x12 inch gallery wrap product for a total cost of $130.
This is a high quality wrap with deep sides.

If you wish to have a sketch completed please email me in the first instance for guidance on the best type of photo and for payment instructions.
My email address is laurenbavin AT ( just avoiding those nasty spammers )

I can add a small amount of colour to the sketches if desired as shown in this sketch below where just a tint of skin tones and pink are added.

Further samples of sketches are below:


  1. Anonymous5:48 am

    so lovely..looking for a good family shot to send to gift to my mother for mother's day!!!

  2. Great idea for Mothers Day . I will need photos by Early April to ensure you get the file in time to get it printed!!

  3. Anonymous7:25 am

    Lauren - the sketch of Steven is absolutely amazing, as is the one of Princess Karen. I'll be putting in my orders for the rest of my kids - including Chris - this week! YOU ARE AMAZING!!
    Lynnie - DSP

  4. Anonymous3:55 pm

    WOW - I just received my sketches of Megan from Lauren and all I can say is they are STUNNING!!! Thanks so much Lauren - I love them!!!

  5. So glad you like them Mandy. Shes a doll of a subject!!

  6. Anonymous5:34 am

    You are a great artist Lauren !!! I really love your sketches.....can't believe you did them by hand.....awesome...!!!