Monday, January 23, 2006

Burned sugar and creme brulee

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What - still no new photos or layouts - whats happened to your life Lauren?- well work is whats been happening lately - I need to get my kits made for DSPs April CD as they are due on Feb 15 and Im not likely to be wanting to sit for hours creating in early February now am I? I do have a funny story to tell about last night though. I had friends and their children over for dinner last night - a barbeque - and it was nice - Id made a nice green salad with mesculun,cucumber,cherry tomatoes,olives, yellow capsicum and feta ( I have a bit of a feta fetish these days) - and a rice salad which I made up as I went along trying to copy one my neighbour had made for christmas - I didnt get the same result but it was very nice - white rice, dressing of balsamic vinegar, avocado oil sesame oil, and moroccan mango chutney. - along with finely chopped nectarine, kiwifruit, red and yellow pepper, currants and walnuts - ( quite yum) and I cooked marinate pork fillets, prawns and sausages and chicken nibbles for the kids . For dessert I really wanted to make creme brulee--- my mother had given me a kitchen torch for christmas and as yet it hadnt been used. SO I made the creme brulee custard mixture and that set nicely - but I didnt read the recipe properly as to how to get the toffee crust - I covered them with brown sugar ( which i had read) but when i went to torch the sugar - all it did was catch fire - I blew it out and kept trying - only ending up creating more burned brown sugar and no toffee finish - in the end the custard kind of melted and i gave up and we ate runny creme brulee with burned sugar on top - Lesson learned - READ the instructions properly especially the bit where it says put the sugar on 30 minutes before you torch it - so that the sugar has partially dissolved already!!.

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