Thursday, January 05, 2006


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I have a dentist jinx - its a long and sad story - I had a wonderful dentist in my teens and early 20s but while I was overseas on my OE he died of a heart attack - he wasnt that old either. On my return I looked for a new dentist - actually I had a patch where I didnt go as regularly as I should but finally found a dentist that was reasonable in price - but after less than a year he moved to Australia ( a little far to go for a check up).
By this stage I was a mother of 3 and busy busy - I found a dental surgery that was open 7days a week - this sounded a good idea - unfortunately they had a habit of using less than the best quality dentists and I had some bad experiences there - culminating in a root canal that didnt work and meant a back tooth that broke in half on New Years eve a couple of years back. - This had to be removed at a A&E dental surgery and it was a horrible experience I can tell you!!
After this I found a WONDERFUL dentist - he was gentle, and not expensive and quite conservative in his treatment too - he didnt do unnecessary work which would cost hundreds.
But bad luck was to come - for him more than me - he had a heart attack and walked into the road and got hit by a car - I understand he did survive thank goodness but he wont be returning to work.
True to form - holiday time and I have had bad tooth ache - Ive had to race around and find a new dentist who I can trust . I went today - lucky for me the tooth ache isnt from my teeth - a good exam proved they were fine and its likely a sinus infection causing the pain in my face . A great relief to me as thats a lot cheaper to fix than a bad tooth!!!!!
Do you think I should tell this new dentist to take out additional life insurance if he takes me on as a patient??????!!!!!

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  1. Hmmm - maybe you should tell him to up his insurance!