Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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I spent much of today in the process of designing a new kit - Unseasonal for the American market though - it will be beach /tropical themed . I guess thats part of the problem with living on the other side of the world and in a different season to the majority of the scrapbooking public!!
I find that its easier for me to design my kits around a photo - I actually create a layout as I create the page kit - that way I can be sure the elements and papers all fit in perfectly with each other and seem to meld together to form a set .
I cant always design my kits in this way - often when I am designing for DSP I am designing to order and the theme maybe one that I would never have a suitable photo for - In those instances I tend to create a kit based on an initial background which I might design in my head. The rest of the kit tends to follow from there.
Lately Im finding that I like to use more papers and fewer elements in my layouts - I think this is a bit of a trend in paper scrapbooking too from what I see in the magazines - It makes it harder to come up with enough pieces for a kit when you design your kit around your layout, but on the up side Im having so much fun creating background papers - I just love playing with multiple layers and various blend modes to get different effects from the same images.
I hope to have this new kit ( it will have hibiscuses in it - Im very happy with how my 2 hibiscus flower elements have turned out) finished in the next day or so and then I really must get on to creating some more boyish kits and do some layouts of the boys - as usual I have a lot more photos of Hannah to scrap than I do of the boys.
I took a few photos of Matthew boogie boarding at Papamoa last week so perhaps another surf kit is on the boards!!

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