Friday, January 13, 2006

Im back !!

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Well Im back from my short break at Papamoa. We were lucky to get perhaps the best weeks weather this summer so far - fine and warm and wonderful with the lack of humidity that can plague any nice weather we get in Auckland.
I have to say though that I didnt take too many photos as I spent most of the time sitting by the pool watching the kids have fun - and you can only have soooooooo many photos of your kids all wet!!!- I came back to over 1000 emails ( joy!) and a huge amount of work to do to get myself up to date before I go in for my surgery on the 3rd February so I can see I will be sitting here for many hours in the next few weeks despite what looks to be more great weather coming.
My first task is to come up with the extras for my hibiscus heaven page kit for the Gimme More crop this week. I have heaps of suggestions to work on so hopefully they will not take me too long- Its often the inspiration that is the time consuming part which is why I like my Gimme More crops where the members suggest what extras they want me to make.
I did quite a bit of reading while I was on holiday ( the joy of having no computer meant I had a lot more time for fun things - I read The Omega Scroll by Adrian D'Hage which is a DaVinci Code themed book . It was very interesting reading and I have no doubt that the author ( from reading his biography at the back) is an extremely knowledgable person - I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoyed the DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons but I have to say I prefer Dan Brown as an author and story teller- There is a LOT of information to wade through in The Omega Files which sometimes overwhelms the storyline behind it.
Im now reading Predator which is Patricia Cornwells latest - I really enjoyed her earlier books but found that later ones didnt appeal quite as much - this one seems quite interesting so far so here's hoping.

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  1. Welcome back Lauren! I was very jealous last week I thought of all the great weather you were getting down there!