Sunday, January 15, 2006

Magnolia Majesty

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This is my latest layout using a brand new kit that I hope will be in the DSP store in the next day or so. I seem to have a "thing" going these days for making flowers - and also for alliteration - what with hibiscus heaven, daisy dreams, pansy pizzazz and now this new kit called Magnolia Majesty. I love the grandeur of this traditional magnolia but actually here in New Zealand the most common type of magnolia is the port wine variety which is also very pretty and has a lot more flowers than this big white variety. This photograph is of my grandmother who just loved all babies but especially her grandchildren . Hannah and she seemed to have a real connection with each other and even though she suffered in her later years from alzheimers and was not the woman I remembered, Hannah was never phased by this at all and wanted to visit her often. She still talks about "Bubu" as she was known to us even though she had only just turned 3 when she died.

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  1. Awesome layout Lauren - and looks like a beautiful kit too. What is next - Kowhai Kaos - LOL?