Saturday, January 21, 2006

To the IGNORANT THEIVES who share my work illegally

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Its come to my attention through the fine work of Jen Strange and Amy Guess who are working to eradicate Piracy of Digital Scrapbooking Kits that this kit of mine is being shared at a certain Yahoogroup. This isnt by any means the first time for me and I imagine it wont be the last but I feel the need to have a rant about it anyway- Im sure the person who shared it and the person who owns the group wont read this but call this personal therapy for me. This kit costs only $4US to purchase - I have provided in the past 2 sets of addons free including an alphabet through my GImme More chats - I love to give things away. My Gimme More chats are designed so I can give my work away- BUT.......... and here is the big BUT............. This is my job. The money from selling my digital kits FEEDS MY CHILDREN. If you are stealing from me then you are taking food out of my childrens mouths . - Ok that sounds kind of dramatic but in effect it is the truth. If you want freebies - and lets face it who doesnt - come to a crop , check out the freebies galleries at DSP and the various other sites . BUT HEAR ME NOW- if this sort of blatant piracy of my work continues - I WILL STOP PROVIDING ANY FREEBIES - EVER. I have no time for any excuses - the terms of use on all my files are crystal clear - if you get a kit of mine that you havent received through DSP or a site I worked at previously and you havent paid for it then YOU ARE STEALING FROM ME.


  1. That really sucks Lauren. It is hard to believe that people really can't afford to $3.99 to buy it themselves

  2. Roger that, Lauren. If someone can't pay four bucks for a kit, they probably need to be out looking for a decent job, not scrapbooking and certainly not stealing to do it.

    Sadly, the thievery probably won't stop, but we can hope that some of the guilty will be caught and they'll continue to be outnumbered by the honest.

  3. Lauren,
    I have been scrapping (paper) for 5 years now. A few months ago my DH and I brought home a baby girl, so needless to say guess who had no more time for her favorite hobby?!? Well, anyway about a month ago I was having fun on my computer and discovered the DSP site. Oh my goodness!!!!! I was totally in heaven! Now I can scrap, not have a mess at home, and the possibilities are endless! I have already purchased several of your kits and certainly plan to buy more from you in the future. You are my favorite designer so far and I am so impressed by your work. The fairy pages, ADORABLE! All of your gallery pages are awesome. I can not wait for you to be feeling better so that I can join in on your Thursday chats. Hopefully people will get the idea and understand that what they are doing is wrong to steal other people's kits. Stingy people drive me nuts! And when they share a $4.00 kit that is what they are being - plain old stingy! Keep up the great work! I love it! (Also, I look forward ot taking one of your classes someday in the near future.)