Saturday, August 05, 2006

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Im behind in keeping this up to date - I do have an excuse this week - I have 12 "princesses" arriving tomorrow for Hannahs 6'th party. I tried hard to convince her to have a party at one of the playlands around here or at McDonalds , but she really wanted to have another home party. From experience I know it surely isnt cheaper to have them at home and it CERTAINLY isnt less work!!!

So far today Ive made 12 traffic light layered jellies in champagne flutes, 24 fairy cupcakes iced and decorated with marshmallow flowers, Ive baked 3 cakes and cut them to put together into the "jewellery box"cake that I will ice tomorrow.
Ive filled 12 party bags with treasures, stuffed the pinata with sweets, wrapped 12 layers of Pass the Parcel, and decorated our games room ready for the influx of royalty.
Im now sitting down to create a princess theme backdrop in photoshop into which I am going to drop the photos of the princesses so they can all take one home. Parties were never so good when I was a kid!!!!

The Image here is the scene I made to "put"my princesses into. Im going to photograph them against a blue tarpaulin so its easy to extract their photos and pop them here right into their own fairytale snowglobe Posted by Picasa

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  1. I hope the party went well, and I wish I'd been 6 years old and attending! What a great idea for the snowglobe - I would have loved one when I was young!