Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 new products

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To add to my collection of custom fill chipboard alphabets I created one in a nice plain and simple round font -

Custom Fill Chipboard Alphabet - Simple
by D- Lauren Bavin

This bold and simple alphabet is in a chipboard look ready for you to fill with your choice of papers colour or pattern. Alphabet comes with Upper and lower case letters, numerals and selected punctuation.Size 6.70MB...More Information

I hope you can use that one sometime - I know I will

and then I created this very rich and lush kit - but one with a bit of spunk and attitude I think

Winged Affections
by D- Lauren Bavin

Winged hearts with attitude and rich deep golden textures make this a stand out kit that will showcase your photos with style Kit Includes:
~1 golden grid background~1 golden paisley background~1 rich red paisley background~1 rich stripes background~1 beaded spiral~1 curled gold frame~1 deep red button~1 eyelet threaded ribbon~1 golden swirl~1 pin with charms~1 stamped scroll~1 winged heartsFile Size:25.00MB...More Information

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  1. Where's the pictures??? I need pictures!