Saturday, November 24, 2007

2 Exclusive Kits , A plopper and and Alpha

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These 2 kits and this Alpha and plopper made from the Travel kit are items I made excuslively for a new book by Sally Beacham and Lori Davis called Picture Yourself Creating Digital Scrapbooks
This DVD contains 13 kits from 7 designers, fonts from Larabie, Kingthings, Melissa Baxter, Miss Tiina, Robin Rowlands, Hoodsy and from the authors, Sally Beacham and Lori Davis: assorted plugins and utility demos, Paint Shop Pro scripts, other miscellaneous scrapping stuff and some tutorials.

The World Traveler Kit is a versatile kit for all your travels be it nationally or internationally and includes 4 papers and 8 elements including lots of options for journalling .
There is also a multi photo plopper available ready created from this kit on the DVD .
The Blossom Blush page kit was inspired by pieces from various page kits of mine which I recoloured and retoned to make a very feminine kit that will work for heritage or any feminine layout.

About The Book

"Picture Yourself Creating Digital Scrapbooks"

By Lori J. Davis, Sally Beacham

This book is written for the novice digital scrapbooker and the experienced paper scrapbooker who wants to dive into digital. It’s also designed to be inspiration for the intermediate or experienced digital scrapbooker, who can peruse the layouts by our featured designers and their creative teams, and use the book’s resource DVD contents in their own unique way.

Written in an easy-to-follow and highly visual format, the book teaches the reader step-by-step how to create beautiful scrapbooks using their digital camera, computer, and basic graphics software.

The accompanying DVD includes sample layouts, page kits, brushes, fonts, and application-specific tutorials to help the reader create professional-quality printable and digital scrapbooks at home.

Contributing Designers:

• Angela M. Cable

• Doris Castle

• Glenda Ketcham

• Lauren Bavin

• Lie Fhung

• Robert D'Achille

• Terry Maruca


  1. Oh Lauren! These are so fantastic! We have to wait for the book?!? Will they be available in the DSP store anytime?

    I also want to ask you how you get your blog to go clear across the page. I'd really like to do that with mine instead of the narrow column down the middle they give you. If you have any tricks for me, I'd sure like to hear them!

  2. These kits wont be available in the DSP store - the only place you can get them is from the book!!
    I chose a different template to get the text across the page like this - I cant remember which one it was but if you scroll through them you can find ones that are narrow and ones that are across the page

  3. Thanks for the help Lauren...I'll be watching for the book to be released. Dec 20th?

  4. Yeah apparently - I thought it was supposed to be earlier in December but maybe not - keep checking though - I will let you know when I know its available