Sunday, November 18, 2007

Almost Summer and a Book that will keep me away from the Computer

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We went for a walk today around Fort Takapuna and there I spied the early blossoms of a few pohutukawas - It always feels like summer could be nearly here when those gorgeous red blooms appear, and it did feel like it today . It was lovely to feel the sun on my back as we strolled around for an hour or so.

On another note I started reading World without End on Friday. Its the sequel to Pillars of the Earth which I read years and years ago and always felt was one of the best novels Id read at the time and certainly one of the best that Ken Follett had written.
Im not really one for historical novels normally but the characters in these books are so real that you just get dragged in.
Ive been reading quite a few "quick reads"lately and I wondered how I would feel about delving into a 1000+ page novel , but suffice to say Im up to page 375 and I really dont want to be here typing this - I want to be curled up with my nose in that book right now.
And on that note - I will do just that!!!!
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