Sunday, November 04, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking Day

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Well I guess is a bit of a redundant name for me because every day is Digital Scrapbooking Day - but I did a layout in honour of the day .
Lots of journalling in this one!!Digital Scrapbooking has given me a career when I had basically given up the idea of ever havinganother role other than wife and mother.. Having( happily) given up my job in the money marketwhen we decided to have children, and afterhaving several small pocket money type jobslike supermarket check-out andmarket research which allowedme to work hours which fit inwith the family, is beenmore than a blessingthat a hobby could blossom into a full time career that actuallysatisfies me as well asfits in withfamily lifeNot workingout of thehouse means contact withother adults is reduced.Friendships areprecious anddifficult to maintainin these busy times of our lives. DSP has provided me with a wealthof new and very wonderfulfriendships with people fromall over the world. Wonderfulwomen who I would never have met, or come in contact with otherwise.Its opened my eyes to how small the world really isand how the closest friendships don't need to bewith people you see every week, or every month or even ever at all.I‘ve never been a paper scrapbooker. I did tryonce, but I hated to cut and glue my preciousphotos. I've always been a voracious takerof photos even in the film days. I have albumupon album of photos of when the childrenwere small. I am passionate aboutmemory keeping but now I realisethat photos on their own canonly tell a small part of thestory. Those quirkysayings kids have,and the events that happenwhen you don'thave a camerahandy- as a digital scrapbookerI can recordthose timesfor me orfor futuregenerationsNo onehas beenmoresurprisedthan me thatI could actuallymake money from what I can confidently claimis a passion to me.But its been my honourand blessing to be ableto have helped support thefamily with my income. We cannow afford to buy new appliancesand furniture that would have been a longtime coming otherwise, and one of my favourite new diversions is that I can afford to travel as partof the job to attend trade shows and conventionsin the US - meeting my friends and workmates too.I used my Brown Eyes Blue Page kit - http://store.digitalscrapbookplace.c...oducts_id=6745for this one

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