Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guy Fawkes Layout

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I did this quick layout last night using one of the photos I took on Guy Fawkes Night - notorious for bad weather - we had planned on doing our annual crackers evening on Sunday but as usual the weather had other ideas - but it cleared up briefly on Monday night for us and the boys had the fun only boys seem to get out of fire explosions and noise - and we had mixed success with the sparklers - these ones in this photo were really good sparkly sparklers - some were very boring - just a coloured light at the end of a stick !!

I used my Out There and Pyrotechnics Page kit for this simple layout


  1. scrapmaster4:34 pm

    This is just terrific! You must have the world's best camera. You certainly have the cutest subject! Your kit makes it even more spectacular.

  2. Lauren this is just totally wonderful love how you've captured her glowing face!!!