Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Divinity in a bottle

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Those of you who know me personally know that Im a huge fan of Wild Appetite Products - . I went to their outlet store again today ( I say again because I tend to be a regular there!!. Anyway apart from buying a few Christmas presents. I just HAD to buy a new product they had on display - Limoncello Sauce - WOW - this stuff is just plain divine - Im a big lemon fan - if its not lemon or chocolate its not a dessert!!
I plan to use this new sauce in some little tarts for our christmas drinks on Sunday . Im thinking I will make some butter pastry tart cases in mini muffin tins - and put a dollop of mascapone or cheesecake mix even - in the bottom and then top them with the limoncello sauce . Now this sauce isnt for the light hearted - it contains 15% vodka - but ooooooooh eeeeeeeeeee - its YUM.
I also tasted a raspberry one they are bringing out soon - I think I will be making another trip back very soon to buy some of that too!!

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