Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Books I love...

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Ive added an amazon widget to the right with links to some of my favourite books ( novels ) - Im a big reader - I cant sleep without reading and I have a pretty wide range of genres that I like to read too - well I like the human interest - ( Jodi Picoult etc, Marian Keyes etc) and the Crime and Thriller ( Lee Child, Harlan Coben) being my 2 favourite types of novels - anyway I will try and keep this updated with any books Im really enjoying as I read them .

Right now Im reading a James Patterson - Ive actually never read him before but got a couple of his books on sale - Im reading Kiss the Girls . Its not bad actually - its a quick read - a bit of a weird and offputting subject matter but if you can get over that its actually quite a good read

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  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Hi Lauren
    I laughed when I saw this...my favorite fem writer at the moment - Marion Keyes, fave thriller - Lee Childs. I am working through all his books and just love them. Happy Reading!
    Roberta T