Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantasy Garden Layout

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Here is the sample layout I did using the Fantasy Garden Overlay stack

To achieve this look this is what I did to each layer

Background layer 100% opacity - Normal Blend
Photo Layer - ( Black and White with selective colour areas ( face hair) 100% opacity Hard Light BlendMode
To achive the low saturation selective colour look to the photo I first reduced the saturation of the photo - then I used the black and white adjustment in CS3 to lighten the facial areas ( by selecting yellows and reds and dragging the slider up - I also lightened the green areas by doing the same with the green slider - ) then I used the history brush to paint back in the low saturation colour into the face and hair area .
Wings Layer - Screen Blend mode 100% opacity - erased where covering body and face
Vingnette Layer - Hard Light Blend Mode - 100% opacity
Flower Garden Layer- Normal Blend Mode - 100% opacity
Butterfly Layer - Normal Blend Mode - 100% opacity

Different effects can be achieved by using different blend modes and opacities on each layer

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