Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shutterfly Book

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Shutterfly sent me a coupon for a free Photo book. I had already ordered one from them some time ago when they first opened and was relatively happy with it . I did have some minor reservations - the reds seemed to print with more vibrance than I would have liked on several layouts making them not as realistic as they appear when printed elsewhere, but on the whole I was quite happy.
For this new book they suggested turning off their vibrant photos option - which appears to be a default setting ( a little bit of a pain to do it for all your photos and quite difficult to find where to do it too ) but I did do that this time and really only noticed the issue with the red on one layout - which maybe perhaps one that I missed switching off this option.
Im very pleased with the book and would have been happy to pay the full price which is I believe around $30 US .
Here are some sample photos of the finished book - its not all the pages - you get 20 and then there is an additional cost of $1 a page.

The book was delivered from the US to NZ in a very short time - a little over a week ( and over easter which included several public holidays ) - certainly the service is very prompt and the book was well packaged and arrived in perfect order


  1. lovely to see a whole album come together!!! very inspiring.

  2. what a great photo book! i've considered making a few of my hawaii layouts into one photo book and have it live on our coffee table. i've researched a few printers, shutterfly being one option, and other places that i've seen DSP members mention in the forums. do you have a printer in mind that surpassed all of your expectations?