Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Through the Viewfinder Overlay Stack and a couple of images with that effect

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Thru the Viewfinder Overlay Stack

by D- Lauren Bavin
This 12x12 overlay stack includes 5 layers to help you create a "Through the Viewfinder " Look. TTV is a

photography technique where you use one camera to take a photo through the viewfinder of another. It is a fun and

current trend in photography but its much easier to achieve the same look using this overlay stack.
Simply stack the layers over your photo , Layering as you desire and deciding on how grungy you wish the result to

be by reducing opacities and changing blend modes of each layer as you go , ending with the viewfinder edge layer

on top

Kit Includes:

    ~1 brown grunge layer

    ~1 brown top shadow layer

    ~1 dirty corners layer

    ~1 scratched layer

    ~1 viewfinder edge layer layer

It was great fun to use this overlay stack - here are a couple of images I created using the stack in different ways

and here is another one using a not very inspiring seagull photo I took - I really like the result on this photo

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