Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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queenstownfromcoronet, originally uploaded by laurenbavin.

Ive been playing with the Photo merge function in Photoshop - its VERY COOL and VERY simple to get a great panorama - This series of shots of Queenstown was taken from Coronet Peak Ski field .
I did none of the things you are supposed to - Didnt set the exposure - didnt use a tripod - and still photoshop came up with this great result from my series of photos
To do the photomerge all you do is go File - Automate- PhotoMerge - and select the photos in your panorama -
I checked the Blend Images together box and the Vignette Removal Box - and let PS do its thing - Ive done no post processing to any of the photos nor the resulting panorama


  1. Oh Lauren that is so beautiful. It belongs over a sofa or something, it's so gorgeous!!

  2. Cool panorama, Lauren! I used PS to do the same thing not so long ago and was amazed by how simple it was and at the results.

    So hard for me to think about skiing at this time of year! Hope your vacation was fun and relaxing!

  3. Beautiful panorama and thanks much for the info on doing it in Photohsop.