Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brittany Blues Page Kit

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Brittany Blues Page Kit

by D- Lauren Bavin
kit of tones ranging from blue to green to mauve combines to create a
very elegant page kit that will enhance your heritage and modern
photographs It includes a panorama frame with separat splitter layer to
turn it into a triple frame if desired . Kit Includes:

    ~1 distressed linen background

    ~1 garden of blues background

    ~1 lavendar blue background

    ~1 midnight garden background

    ~1 round acrylic journalling mat element

    ~1 branch of berries

    ~1 blue floral spray

    ~1 blue butterfly

    ~1 fancy border

    ~1 feather

    ~1 metal leaves element

    ~1 panorama frame and splitter

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