Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Sunshine Child

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Here is the little Miss - before she had her hair cut - - This photo was super noisy - I took it with the little fuji z20 point and shoot camera which really is dreadful in low light - ssoooooooooooooo noisy ( despite what i read in reviews) =- anyway I played with it and reduced the noise as much as I could around her face .

I used My Last Days of Summer page kit which is the featured kit for Gimme More this week - Its really much brighter than  many of the kits Ive made lately and Its quite refreshing to play with some bright colours for a change - It was quite an easy kit to do a layout with too!!!


  1. Have you tried Imagenomic for reducing noise? It works quite well!

  2. Yes I have in fact thats what I used on this photo - the noise was so bad though that I had to bump the settings way up to get rid of it and it didnt do much for the background of the photo so I put the noise reduced version on a new layer and masked it just so her face and top were visible

  3. I love the way you used 3 staggered frames around the photo. I don't if the photo coloring is the result of low light or the modifications you made, but the yellow cast looks quite nice with this kit.

  4. Actually the yellow is not so much a colour cast but the colour of the fallen leaves below her feet!!!!-