Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Painted Autumn Page Kit

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Painted Autumn Page kit

by D- Lauren Bavin
often Autumn kits are dull and dark - well not this one - Now here is a
kit that really reflects the bright hues of red and orange that only
autumn brings With backgrounds featuring art finish papers and brightly
toned sunflowers, this kit will really help you create an outstanding
layout . Kit Includes:

    ~1 almost turning background

    ~1 autumn colours mishmash background

    ~1 bright autumn squares background

    ~1 deep river blues background

    ~1 autumn leaf swirls

    ~1 black ssquare brad border

    ~1 curled frame

    ~2 autumn leaves

    ~1 red sunflower

    ~1 yellow sunflower

    ~1set of velvet ribbon strips

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