Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Vintage Dreamy Photos - and a free action

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As promised here is the tutorial on how to create a nice Dreamy Vintage look to your photos.

The main tutorial only works for Photoshop CS3+ because it uses the black and white adjustment layer which debuted in that version, however I have created a work around tutorial that you can use if you use PSE or PSCS or CS2 .

The pdf of the CS3+ version is here

The pdf of the PSE/PSCS+ version his here

Here is the image version of the tutorial here

For people who use CS3+ I have also created an action which covers all the steps in the tutorial so if you just want to have some fun and create your effect really quickly you can download the fully customisable action here.


  1. Jeanet8:36 pm

    Thanks for the action Lauren. Can't wait to use it

  2. Thanks Lauren! Looking forward to giving it a try soon!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Lauren and the nifty action. Can't wait to try it.

  4. Thanks for all your work on this . . love reading about ways to tweak a photo.

    Lady Carolyn

  5. Roberta T5:19 am

    These photos are great. They remind me of the K Francour effect I tried so hard to copy. Thanks so much!!