Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Easy Text Resizing

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Easy Text Resizing using Scrubby Sliders

Tutorial for Photoshop CS2+

(This Tutorial may also work in earlier versions of Photoshop but is untested)


You can download this tutorial from here

Its very common for me to have trouble fitting my journalling into the required space. I've often spent valuable time resizing my text by altering first the font size, then the spacing and kerning trying to get the perfect fit.

There is however a much easier way!!

Photoshop is equipped in several areas with what is known as scrubby sliders. These are areas where “ scrubbing” left or right with your curser effects in changes , and the character palette has several scrubby sliders built in

Start with some text


Make sure you have the Character panel open. ( Window- Character)

Double click on the text icon on the text layer in the layers panel to select all the text

Hover your mouse over the font size box in the character palette.

Your curser will change to a finger with arrows either side. This indicates a scrubby slider.


Drag your mouse to the right to increase the font size, and to the left to decrease. The change will happen immediately you release your mouse so you are easily able to decide the perfect size.


You can also adjust the leading which is the spacing between the lines using the same technique


and also kerning which is the space between the individual letters , and the horizontal and vertical scale of the letters , all making this a great way to easily get your text to fit perfectly


I hope this technique is as useful to you as it is to me .


  1. This helps a lot, thanks!

  2. Penny1:13 pm

    This is great, Lauren. I love all the time-saving tips!

  3. Thanks a lot, Lauren! This is soooooo much easier than playing with my font and sizing!

  4. Wonderful! This makes my PS life SO much more productive! What will I do with all the time I will save??? More PS of course! *grin*