Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cupids Arrow Page Kit

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Cupids Arrow Page Kit

by D- Lauren Bavin
struck by Cupids Arrow, this kit is perfect for those pretty layouts of
love but will work equally well for baby and little girl layouts

Also see the coordinating Cupids Arrow Add on Pack

Kit Includes:

    ~1 pink dimity print floral background

    ~1 blush edged white background

    ~1 glittered pink and apricot plaster finish background

    ~1 rose spotted Background

    ~1 set of red foil heart drops

    ~1 set of white feathers

    ~1 double long frame set

    ~1 pink ribbon heart shaped frame

    ~1 pink clipped flower < br>
    ~1 arrow pin with heart dangles

    ~1 light beaded chicken wire

    ~1 cream lace heart

File Size:
200 ppi - 21.00MB
300ppi - 42.00MB

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