Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Scoop - Link of the Week

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Im going to start giving a link to a site that either is inspirational, educational or one that I just plain like for no good reason!!- I will do this every Sunday .
This weeks Link is to Digital Photography School

This site is quite large and holds a lot of information and gives tips and tutorials  and advice on everything from buying a camera, taking photos and post production in Photoshop and other applications

You can browse the site or you can subscribe to their blog .

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  1. Hi Lauren i have bought this beautiful kit and i have made you a tag, i dont use kits in layouts only in my tag making though i have to say the layouts are stunning, anyway i have this tag for you but i couldnt find anywhere to send or put it so let me know where you want it. Thank you again for these wonderful kits.
    Hugs Gemsxx