Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project 365

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11/365- Shag, originally uploaded by LABavin.

In an attempt to make myself learn my camera ( I recently got a Nikon D90) and make myself try something new often I have embarked on a Project 365 photo a day. - I didnt post about this when I started because I didnt feel that committed to the project but now Ive been going over a week Im starting to feel like Im learning new things and this project may well be worthwhile after all.

Today was day 11 - I went to 2 different locations - one to take a landscape vista type image of Auckland City and then to a local reserve .
I chose this image from the ones I took for my photo of the day.
I really liked how this shag looked me in the eye while I took his photo and although it seems he is giving me the evil eye it is obvious that the birds in this reserve are very comfortable with people walking close to them.
This photo was taken at Onepoto Basin Reserve in Northcote Auckland New Zealand

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  1. Anonymous7:52 am

    That is one clear and crisp photo! Kudos for you for making a goal to learn your camera. Pretty soon you'll be a pro at it...just in time for a new upgrade maybe? LOL. Just kidding. That photo is a beautiful shot! JenniferG