Thursday, April 23, 2009

Museum Projection for Anzac Day - 47/365 April 23

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The Auckland Museum had a projection which listed all 30,000 soldiers who died while in service in honour of Anzac day on Saturday. I have little to no experience with long exposures - I tried a lot of things - because the names were scrolling it was better to have a shorter higher iso exposure and just accept the noise ( which really wasnt too bad seeing it was pitch dark . The ones where I left theshutter open longer were quite interesting as the names scrolling were blurred more on the building.
I coudnt get the whole building in my shot even way back in the car park so this is as wide a shot as I could get


  1. This is really cool looking!

  2. HeatherL2:43 pm

    This would be so moving to watch. I think you got a pretty decent shot.