Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another page in my project 365 album

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I was a reluctant starter with project 365 but in the end I was convinced that it was a useful thing to do for my photography skills if nothing else.
I dont like to take on tasks I cant commit to and so even though Ive found it stressful some days to find something to take a photograph of Im determined that I will use these photos and so Ive been creating an ongoing album with them.
I do intend to get these printed in book form at the end of the year ( or even in batchs as I go through the year. )
Ive created 3 instant album plus sets to help with making scrapbooking these photos easy and theyve proven to be a huge help . NO more worries about being creative with my layouts - just place the photos do the journalling and add a bit of personalisation by choosing the embellishment to go on the page. That way no two pages are the same .

Here is my latest page - Im nearly at the end of May so Im pretty much up to date. I hate to get too far behind but even if I slip back it doesnt take long to catch up

Here are the products Ive been using to help me with this project

Daily Photo Instant Album Plus( the original )

Daily Photo Corner Groupies

Daily Photo 2 Instant Album Plus

Daily Photo Instant Album - Green

Im currently working on a Blue version of this product which you can collect in 4 pieces from my weekly Gimme More Chats at 9pm in the DSP Chat room

You can see more of my Project 365 album in my gallery

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  1. I particularly like the Daily Instant Photo Album. I used it for all of April and am thinking of using it for all of June, too.