Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pick of the Pack June 23

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How cool is this layout??- what creativity !!!!!!- -
What more can I say - Mandy has created some magic here

Heres what she had to say about this layout

My first Steampunk LO - whoa that was fun!!! This picture of Megan looking through those viewfinder things you put money into and it's like looking through a zoom lens was taken today at the beach. LOL and yes with a steampunk LO in mind

Let's see if I can remember what all I did here. My goal was to create the illusion that Megan and her balloon were going through a portal

1) I applied several different blend modes to the bg papers to create the darker side of the portal
2) I applied a distort transformation to my "wall" and the screws, adding a chiseled bevel to the wall for more dimension
3) I created a full dark cloud that covered the sky and even came through the portal just a bit using several copies of an extracted dark cloud area (rotating and flipping for variations)
4) To Megan I added a sepia tint and then lowered it to 80% opacity to let back in a smidge of color and I gave her a shadow
5) I masked off a portion of the port hole to make the portal, distorting it a bit as well.

kit: Seriously Steampunk by Lauren Bavin
alpha: Steampunk Initials Alpha by Lauren Bavin
font: LD Painters Hand

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