Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Ive decided to highlight some of the greatest layouts Ive seen using my products from the DSP gallery - I wont necessarily do this every day but when I see a layout or 2 that really is inspiring I will highlight it here - I hope they will give you some inspiration for your own layouts !!

Dali London by Jeanet

Here is Jeanets description of her creation

The Layout:
I’m a huge fan of Dali and was excited to be at the Dali museum in London. Outside the museum was this enormous elephant statue which is also in one of my favorite paintings of his the ‘Elephant Temptation Of Saint Anthony’. I took so many photos from so many different angles, both up until now I’ve been a bit unsure how to scrap these. I’m no Dali and can’t (or perhaps I won’t) understand his surrealistic mind that created the most fascinating art ever but I wanted a layout that resembled some of artistic feel his creations have.
The answer came with the DSP newsletter this month and the introduction to the Steampunk style. Since then I’ve spend endless time in the shop to try and find something that could help me create this style in a way that fitted my photo. Yesterday both Lauren & Teresa added steampunk products to the store but it was Lauren’s Seriously Steampunk that finally helped me get this layout done.
It’s not quite Dali, it’s not quite Steampunk. But it is a mix of both added a little bit of Jeanet.

The Credits:
Seriously Steampunk
Wishing Pool
Brushed On Splats Quick Bits

I have to say that when I created the Steampunk kit I did wonder how people would actually use it. My personal style of scrapping is very much into the simple recording of memories and less into the creation of a piece of art. I really envy and admire people like Jeanet who can create their own unique and wonderful art layouts from their photos and memories .
This layout is a prime example of this and Im in awe of Jeanets talents to take a few simple pieces of a page kit and create this incredible and unique artwork from it.
Jeanet this is wonderful. YOu are an inspiration to me and to many .

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