Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pick of the Pack July 8th

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Todays Pick of the pack is another of Terryls series of layouts about Adella Boudreaux- a story her daughter made up and took photos of

Here are Terryls notes on this layout
The next two pages in my Adella Boudreaux series. Page 3 introduces Adella and her story, and page 4 shows her parents. (Which by a lucky coincidence happen to be my husband and myself. I had photos of each of us in costumes in younger days. Since these photos weren’t taken by Nikki, I tried to stylize them and make them more like illustrations than photos.)
For those of you wondering about the rest of the story--Nikki never finished the story since she was only taking photos of Adella’s search, but we’re discussing giving Adella a happy ending. &#61514
I used the following kits to create these layouts:

Page Three
Amethyst Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Seriously Steampunk by Lauren Bavin
Welcome to Steampunk by Teresa Loman

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