Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Bits Paper Dolls Templates

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QuickBits- Paper Doll Template Set

by D- Lauren Bavin
QuickBits Templates - Paper Dolls Created by Lauren Bavin ©2008 Lauren Bavin Here is an easy way to create your very own paper dolls for layouts, or a fun way to dress your flat self using DSP backgroung papers as your own couture style. .
This set of quickbits includes the following pieces
~ Clown Hat
~ Dress
~ Bloomers
~ Top
~ Shorts
~ Leg
~ Arm
~ Shoe .


  1. Oh my goodness Lauren, this is so cute! Next ATC I have to make, I know what I will be using!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:16 am

    this is a totally cute idea - thank you for giving to us chatters. I know it wil l be super fun to decorate web sites. I personally plan to make postcards with them for family birthdays. Have a great day! and I do love that camera kit. I have been wanting a hanging line like that but did not like the one from fresh air.