Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Speedscrap layout - Dance

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Im quite happy with my speedscrap layout today- esp because I managed to do it in 39 minutes.

Here is how I achieved this look.

Firstly I used 2 backgrounds - the antique card bg is from my Coastal Breeze Page Kit 
and the Red Ray background is from Fun Fair

Bottom layer is the card background.
Then the rays bg on top of that which is masked so the top half doesnt show up  
Next is the photo which is extracted by way of a mask. This is set to hard light blend mode
I applied an inversion of the mask to the rays bg  to stop the rays showing through the leg on the photo layer .
Then turned that mask into a selection and inverted it and applied a gradient to the visible portion of the rays paper to blend it
The photo layer was duplicated again ( still set to hard light)
Duplicate photo layer yet again and run a poster edges filter on it.
I think applied a black and white adjustment filter to that top layer to just tone down the saturation a bit

The shadow btw is actually part of the photo