Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bird Song Value Collection

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BirdSong Value Collection

by D- Lauren Bavin
Rich greens and brown backgrounds with a wonderful variety of forest and bird themed elements straight from nature to your desktop in this kit that is perfect for layouts from scenic to portrait , and of course perfect for shots from those bird watching photo shoots

This Value collection contains both the Bird Song and Bird Call page Kits each also available separately.
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Blended Harlequin background
    ~1 Faded natural green background
    ~1 Mossy Bark background
    ~1 Feathered Forest Background
    ~1 Cream Handmade background
    ~1 Faded foliage background
    ~1 Faded moss background
    ~1 Forest Wall Background
    ~1 Berry branch
    ~1 Journalling Strip
    ~2 lichen covered branches
    ~2 Pine Boughs
    ~1 Pine Cone
    ~1 tiny ring on a strong
    ~1 twig wreath
    ~2 small birds
    ~1 Old card mat
    ~1 Paper Frame
    ~1 Pine cone border
    ~1 set of falling Pine Seeds
    ~1 set of wire corners

File Size: 200 ppi - 33.40MB 300ppi - 63.10MB