Thursday, October 15, 2009

Layout - Marshalls Cabin

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I love this photo I took of James Marshalls Cabin at the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma California
( Im amazed how few locals seem to know that it was Marshall who discovered gold in California)

To create this layout I used my new Octobers Gift Value Collection
( also available as 2 separate kits - Octobers Past  and Octobers Gift /

Rather than journal the history I used the plaque which is on a rock outside the cabin as my journalling
It reads
It reads

Cabin of James Marshall

This cabin was erected by Marshall and occupied by him from 1856- 1879. Born in New Jersey October 8 1810 Came to California 1845 Died at Kelsey this state August 10 1885. The discovery of gold by Marshall in the tail race of John A Sutters Mill at Coloma on January 1848 started the historic migration to California by Land and Sea. The original saw mill, the building of which Marshall superintended was located 2190 feet north of this cabin on the American River. On an Eminence 410 feet to the west stands a monument erected by the State of California. The heroic figure of Marshall pointing to the site of historic gold discovery .

I really didnt use any advanced techniques to achieve this look apart from the following.
With the plaque I duplicated that layer - bottom layer I put in multiply blend mode to tone the greys of the plaque more with the background - then the top layer I left at normal blend mode but just reduced the opacity of it to 40%