Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heart and Soul Value Collection

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Heart and Soul Value Collection

by D- Lauren Bavin
With deep and rich distressed papers in deep pomegranate and darkest ruby along with aged cardboard.  Add some richly textured and varied elements and this collection will inspire you to create a layout to showcase your photos. Its a set you can put your heart and soul into.
This Value collection comprises the Heart and Soul and Heart and Soul 2 page kits, both of which can be purchased separately.
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Darkest Rust background
    ~1 Ruby Fern Gradient background
    ~1 Old Card background
    ~1 Pomegranate Crush Background
    ~1 Almost black background
    ~1 Distressed Harlequin background
    ~1 Dotted red background
    ~1 Folded Card Background
    ~1 Chain
    ~1 Double frame
    ~1 Set of Falling Ruby Hearts
    ~1 strip of lace
    ~1 metallic olive branch
    ~1 metal flourish border
    ~1 Lace edged Journalling circle
    ~1 Together word art
    ~1 Aged King of Clubs Playing Card
    ~1 Aged Queen of Clubs Playing Card
    ~1 Gold Criss Cross Stamp
    ~1 Old Black Frame
    ~1 Pewter Heart
    ~1 Ruby Heart
    ~1 Scroll Border
    ~1 Velvet Ribbon

File Size: 200 ppi - 38.40MB 300ppi - 76.80MB