Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pick of the Pack Jan 28th - a poetry book

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JanP has been using page kits to display some of the wonderful poetry she has written over the years.
What a marvellous idea - here are a couple of her pages with her notes on them below

This is about that feeling I sometimes get that a great truth is about to be revealed to me - if only I could remember what the question was that I needed to ask ... it's that "tip-of-the-tongue" feeling.

Credits: Heart and Soul value collection - Lauren Bavin

Credits: Cherry Chocolate value collection - Lauren Bavin

Have decided to haul out all the poems I wrote in the 1980s and see if I can find enough good(?) ones to put into a book. This is the first (although not the first I wrote), which I thought would be appropriate for the front page.


Words Worth

The pen-kissed page reveals sweet phrases.

Sometimes what is written there amazes

me ...

What makes a poet different from the rest?

And who has right to stand in judgement;

saying that we pass (or not) their test?

Who best knows the worth of lines

if not the thoughtful poet who designs


No one can determine quite as well

if what has passed 'tween pen and page

is really what the the writer wants to tell!

So critics in the world out there

may judge my efforts if they care

to ...

words not written for them to criticize,

but for myself, for my enjoyment,

without thought of any praise or prize.

Credits: Stories of the Past Value Collection - Lauren Bavin

Jan has done numerous other pages in this manner - you can see her gallery here

Such a wonderful way to use your digital scrapbooking stash!!