Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seriously Steampunk Value Collection

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  Seriously Steampunk Value Collection

Bring a little wild wild whimsy to your layouts with some Seriously Steampunk Style. The quirky metals and crazy cogs of steampunk will send your imagination into wild flight, so climb on board and have fun.
This collection comprises the Seriously Steampunk and Fantastic Flying Machines kits both of which can be purchased separately .

Kit Includes:

    ~1 dingy canvas background
    ~1 distressed graph paper background
    ~1 oilstained black background
    ~1 victorian skies background
    ~1 Brass Plate background
    ~1 Circus Top Rays background
    ~1 Folded Night Sky background
    ~1 Old Maps background
    ~1 blimp with basket
    ~1 buildings border
    ~1 darker cloud
    ~1 set of brass gears
    ~1 golden sparkle rays
    ~1 plans overlay
    ~1 open porthole
    ~1 screws border
    ~1 Brass Frame
    ~1 gold braid border
    ~1 brass guage
    ~1 hot air balloon
    ~1 old maps overlay
    ~1 puffs of steam
    ~1 brass valves
    ~1 set of old wings

File Size: 200 ppi - 67.10MB 300ppi - 126.00MB