Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mercury Bay Value Collection

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Mercury Bay Value Collection

For those photos of rugged cliffs leading to deep blue cool seas or imagine the pure clear waters of a tropical beach, through to natural landscapes and portrait photos. From beach side photos to Rich landscapes, from Heritage photos to modern layouts,this kit is the kit to scrap all your favourite photos with its deep greens and blue colours and unique elements.
This collection comprises the Mercury Bay and Cathedral Cove Page Kits both of which can be purchased separately Kit Includes:

~1 Deep Ocean background
~1 Marble background
~1 Sea Green background
~1 Deep Turquoise handmade background
~1 Aged Linen Card background
~1 Aqua Ripple background
~1 Dark Hessian background
~1 Hardmade teal paper background
~1 cliff edge element
~1 curly ribbon
~1 glimmery splat
~1 line of jewels
~1 long paper frame
~1 scallop shell
~2 turquoise and silver flower elements
~1 driftwood element
~1 Glimmery splat
~2 Sand sprinkle
~1 group of shells
~1 silver and turquoise crab
~1 toitoi plant
~1 torn frame

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