Saturday, May 15, 2010

3 new layouts

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Here are 3 new layouts I did today.
This first one is a photo I took while down in the West Coast last year with Margie and Allen - Its not the best photo but it doestn really matter so much when you blend it over papers like this .
I used my Rainforest Harmony VC for this and the Word art is Tinas Travel Word art

The next two layouts are 2 versions of the same layout - not sure which I prefer

In this one I placed the Heron photo in Lighter Color Blend mode over the WetlandsTide paper and the Ripples Overlay - that way the water around the Heron in the photo which was darker disappeared leaving just the heron and the reflection showing

The kit is my new Wetlands VC

In this version I used a clipping mask from my new Watercolour quickbits ( not yet in the store - soon!!)  to mask out the edges of the photo and placed it in hard light blend mode over the paper - As I said not sure exactly which version of this I prefer. I have quite a few more photos of this heron so I will be trying out more layouts using this kit
( Wetlands VC - ) as it lends itself so well to bird photos

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