Saturday, May 08, 2010

CS5 Mixer brush painting

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This morning I did some quick  experimenting with the mixer/bristle brush features in CS5 .
This painting I did in multiple layers.
I started with a layer in which I painted with little detail using a fairly large wet brush with a fairly high mix level .
I then proceeded to create more layers with smaller drier brushes to paint in some of the detail.
One of the layers I applied a bevel layer style to  to give an illusion of heavier rslightly running paint ( this might be hard to see in the web version here .
I specifically left out detail I didnt want included such as the shrubbery on the left hand edge of the photo.
When i was finished I placed a layer over the top which is a background from one of my kits which is like an aged linen cavas complete with light creases and folds and used an overlay blend mode and a fairly low opacity.

This took me about an hour to complete.


  1. This looks AMAZING, Lauren! I love it, the colors are perfect and the mountains look so real.
    I don't have CS5, but I sure wish I did :)

  2. Beautiful Lauren! I can't wait to try this stuff! :)