Monday, May 24, 2010

Pick of the Pack

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Dont you think this is a gorgeous way to display a view that mother nature has hidden - I just love how LynnT has used the Watercolour masks to blend the misty view into the background. I also love the journalling - Im not a good journaller myself and I wish i was better at it because I feel that the true value of a scrapbook is not only in the photos but in the written memories surrounding them

Here are Lynns Notes on this layout

I actually love when it's raining ... but not at a sightseeing stop... this looks a lil bit eeeerie. This is not a wetland, but the land was sure wet.

Journal reads:
It’s normally very windy up here (I think 8800 ft above sea level) with a gorgeous view of the Windward side of island of Oahu. But today, well God decided to water his plants. I kinda felt sorry for the tourist that were on a time limit and came to see His awesome wonder extending out to the ocean but you could barely see six feet below us.
“When I was young ...” the words most of us heard by our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents as we were growing. I’ve heard so many stories by all of them about their times up on the Pali some of them even engraving their names high up on the rocks. Now as I’m older (or is it I’m just hmmmm), I’m finding myself saying the very same thing ... ‘when I was young ... this was our road that we traveled on! Whenever we were up here, I would hide on the floor of the car. Even when the tunnels were built below, most people didn’t go through them - for fear of them collapsing. As time went on, the road was eventually closed and became a play area for many of us as teenagers. Most of those stories will stay secret known only to mother nature but one. That story will always continue to be told ... The Story of Morgan’s Corner.

Wetlands Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Brushed On Watercolour - QB Clipping Masks by Lauren Bavin
DSP Child's Play font by Suzanne Walker

You can view the original layout here

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