Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rainforest Harmony Value Collection

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Rainforest Harmony Value Collection

Make your outdoor nature pictures come to life with the backgrounds that are ideal for blending and the elements that make scrapping your layouts go by like a song. Don't limit yourself to nature and outdoors, you can scrap a wealth of travel pictures with this kit, not to mention that you can combine it with fantasy elements to scrap outside nature's realm but for those photos where you see nature at its best this is the kit to use. But you don't have to live in a rainforest to need this kit! Have you ever been to a zoo? Traveled? Been to a theme park? The harmony of the rainforest can be found in many unexpected places so pop it in your cart today!
This collection comprises the Rainforest Melody and Rainforest Harmony page kits both of which can be purchased separately
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Ferny Forest background
    ~1 Leafy Folds background
    ~1 Mossy Folds background
    ~1 Mossy Wash background
    ~1 Bright Green Canvas background
    ~1 Green Harmony background
    ~1 Green leaves background
    ~1 Sun Rays overlay
    ~1 set of floating leaves
    ~1 green ribbon frame
    ~1 journalling circle
    ~1 set of large drips
    ~1 mesh overlay
    ~1 dripping moss overlay
    ~1 plant border
    ~1 set of toadstools
    ~1 set of ferns
    ~2 deep green and metal frames
    ~1 moth
    ~1 set of mushrooms
    ~1 splatter of raindrops
    ~1 dripping wet branch
    ~1 folded Journalling strip
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