Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 layouts

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Here are 2 layouts I made as samples for use of the new Butterfly Overlay stacks

This was the sample layout I made for my new product Butterfly Garden Overlay Stack
To create this layout - I layered the sky background over a pale blue background - I put it in multiply blend mode first and then duplicated it and put it in normal blend mode at 30% opacity.
Over that I layered the swirly flower layer in hard light blend mode and the coloured rays layer in multiply blend mode
I extracted the photo and added a fairly hefty but soft drop shadow to blend it better into the backgrounds
The garden layer is also added twice - once in linear dodge blend mode and once in normal blend mode at 80% opacity.
Finally The butterfly layer is added and then duplicated and reduced in size and rotated so one butterfly appears to be on her hands

This was teh sample layout I made for my new Butterfly Blue overlay stack which was a customer request. ( product can be found here )
To make this layout I placed 2 copies of the photo over the background layer - the bottom one i desaturated and used Colour burn blend mode and the upper one is colour and normal blend mode at 70% opacity.
I then layered the jacquard vignette layer twice - once in multiply blend mode and then above that normal blend mode at 50% opacity
The swirl layer is in divide blend mode above that - followed by the butterfly layers which are all at 50% opacity normal blend mode

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