Friday, June 11, 2010

Wingspan Value Collection

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With inspiration drawn from the colours of nature, from the majesty of landscape to the incredible flora and fauna of the world around us to the soaring majesty of birds this kit will inspire you to create a masterpiece from your photos .This collection comprises the Wingspan and On the Wing Page kits both of which can be purchased separately Kit Includes:

    ~ Birdstep Canvas background
    ~ Dried Mud background
    ~ Grassy Canvas background
    ~ Sky Blue Smash background
    ~ Blue Mish Mash background
    ~ Dark Splattered background
    ~ Holey Rock background
    ~ Palest Blues background
    ~ 3 paper frames
    ~ metal dots stamp
    ~ light gold flourish
    ~ Metal splat
    ~ Small Flower
    ~ Stapled paper strip
    ~ Feathers
    ~ Soar Word Art
    ~ 3 falling feathers
    ~ Dark edged feather
    ~ Gold Splat
    ~ Paper Frame
    ~ Pin Star
    ~ Tape Measure
    ~ Scatter of tiny beads
    ~ Natures Majesty word art

This collection is now in the DSP Store

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