Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dragonflys Dance Value Collection

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Take a little moonlight, add a little mist and magic and your layouts will come to life with the dreamy Dragonfly Falls Page Kit. While ideal for fantasy layouts, this can also be used to add a little mystery to your outdoor and heritage layouts. A little light, a little iridescence, a little whimsy and your photos come to life in a wonderful magical way and we all need a little magic in our lives so pop a little fun in your shopping cart today and let your imagination run away with you.
This collection comprises the Dragonflys Dance and Dragonfly Falls page kits both of which can be purchased separately.

Kit Includes:

~ Dark as Night background
~ Green Floral background
~ Natures Gradient background
~ Sparkling Mulberry background
~ Iridescent Mulberry background
~ Swirly Greens background
~ Waterlily Smash background
~ White Translucent Mulberry background with shadowed edge
~ Colourful Moon
~ Flying Dragonfly
~ Magical Tree
~ Mist
~ Pond
~ Sparkling foliage
~ Bright Star
~ Iridescent Dragonfly
~ Iridescent Frame
~ Iridescent whirlpool
~ lilypad journaling mat
~ Glitter Sprinkle
~ Pink Pearls
~ waterlily
~ 4 bubbles
~ Waterfall

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