Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DSP Speedscrap Marathon Layouts

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Today DSP had its first Speedscrap Marathon - that is 10 hours of speedscraps. - One hour each with a half hour gap between.

If you missed it Im sure we will be doing it again soon.

I got 5 layouts done ( I had to miss the last 2 because I had other work that needed attending to)

Here are my 5 layouts all of which Im quite happy with !!

Ive been meaning to scrap these photos since we went to this event earlier in the yeah but just didnt quite know how to use them and the inspiration really fitted in well for me . The layout took me just less than an hour .
The Grape vine border comes from my Pinot Noir Page kit
The background is from my new Redwoods Page kit proving it doesnt just work on tree layouts!!

The next layout I did was this one  of the Warkworth Cement work ruins which are near where I live - quite a spooky place and I hope I conveyed that in the layout

I used word art of Tinas from her The History word art set 

Tara hosted the third hour and gave 2 inspirations - one was fairly simple and the other less so - of course in my stupidity I chose the more difficult inspiration but I felt I had a perfect photo for it

The photo of the old truck which sits outside the pub at Makarora I had applied an HDR type treatement too, It took a little extraction to use here but I think it looks quite in keeping with the tone .

I used lotsof backgrounds from various kits all blended but the moon background is from my Wishing pool add on pack

4th and 5th layouts are actually a pair, I used my new Crimson splash page kit which was designed for the photos in the layout

Its nice to be able to use several photos of the same event in a layout and a bonus that I managed to complete both layouts in less than an hour.

Speedscraps are held every Tuesday at 9pm in the DSP Chat room - I hope you will join us one day soon

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