Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pick of the Packs - October 10 - True Sisters by Cathiemarie and Lynnie

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When I created this kit I knew I would see some lovely layouts filled with the love that swells from the ranks of the DSP Members.
Truly its one of the absolute wonders of the internet that people can find true friends from across the world . People they never would have had the chance to meet if not for sites like DSP which foster friendship and sharing among those who share the same passions and hobbies. I think that its even stronger at DSP because the whole basis of the site is sharing layouts of our memories, our families, our lives, and because of that its almost as if we know our fellow members as well as if they lived next door ( or even better in most cases. )

Its true for me that the absolute best part of my job is meeting my fellow DSPers.
So its a no brainer that these layouts are my picks of the pack on my blog today

Here are their notes on these layouts

First - Cathie by Lynnie which you can view here

We met each other at DSP and became the best of friends. From across the world, Cathie came to stay at my house in order to attend a DSP laptop crop. It was as though we had known each other from birth! Since then we have crossed the world to visit many times and my family on her part of the globe know her too. I’d like to say this kind of friendship is rare, but we see it everywhere at DSP...Friendships that have come to life!

Grannie's Threads Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Custom Fill Script Alpha by Lauren Bavin

And Lynnie - by CathieMarie which you can view here

This is the flip side of Lynnies LO of me, doesn't she look beautiful?

Journalling reads:

Not only do we LOOK alike, we THINK alike, we have the same sence of HUMOUR. We buy the same style CLOTHES, JEWELLERY and wear the same PERFUMES we like the same kind of MUSIC, BOOKS & MOVIES. We couldn’t be closer even if we tried. we are TRUE SISTERS


Grannie's Threads Page Kit by Lauren Bavin

Photo by Lauren Bavin

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